​Story Agent Suzzie Sazzypants and her assistant Felix present a most perfect story... except everything goes wrong. Delightful Disaster takes center stage as they create "the most perfect mess that ever was." Side-splitting humor, slapstick and shadow play performed by Meghan Frank and Buba Basishvili.  

Camel Camel

Camel Camel is an original, macabre comedy  that melds elements of vaudeville, bouffon, and physical storytelling: David Lynch meets Abbott and Costello with a hefty dose of the Golden Girls. The grotesquely pulchritudinous “Camel Sisters” are a variety act born out of the absurdist poems of a Ukrainian prisoner facing death. The sister’s show begins to turn on them, and finding no escape, they turn on each other – life, death, companionship, and the struggle to find hope in a world of despair collide in the escalating chaos.
In 2014, Camel Camel received 5 Stars from the Saskatoon StarPhoenix, 4 stars in VueWeekly and 4 ½ Suns in the Edmonton Sun; reviewer Colin Maclean wrote, “It’s intelligence, enduring creativity and great sense of fun force us to examine what it is to be an individual.”

Maudette's movettes

Dance moves! Feet puppets! Slapstick! Maudette is a charming, enthusiastic show girl from a forgotten era who will attempt to perform for you.  This short comic variety act that is perfect for cabaret and variety stages. Available for booking. 

heroine of horseshoe falls

In 1901, old Annie Edson Taylor plunged over Niagara Falls in a barrel, the first person in history to conquer the mighty waterfall. She was 64 years old. She defied all expectations for a woman of her time. Yet, she could never capitalize on this fame, dying at a poor house near the falls, selling penny postcards.  Heroine is a visually stunning meditation on heroism, delusion, falling,  and one woman's struggle with societal expectations.   A collage of images, historical documents, and vaudevillian dreamscapes.

"Affecting and Artful" - NorthCoast Journal, 2012  


An intrepid Park Ranger and a bumbling assistant learn how to camp and preserve their natural spaces through hilarious misadventures. Fun for the whole family!

IN-Tents is a tri-country collaboration between Meghan Frank (USA) Pratik Motwani (India) and Janessa Johnsrude (Canada). IN-Tents is an ongoing collaboration born in 2010 in India and has been funded by the Puffin Foundation. 


Two sisters try to find a resting place and find a home within each other.
Created by Molly Armstrong and Meghan Frank for the "One Minute Dance Festival"
at the Pan Arts Studio, Arcata, CA, 2013 


EXIT 101

Crafted and directed by Meghan Frank and Pratik Motwani in collaboration with the Humboldt Coalition for Compassionate Care, EXIT 101 is an evening of performance, story telling and discussion about end of life choices. How do we, as a community, speak to each other about death and dying?

We interviewed medical professionals, families, patients, friends, and all those passionate about end of life issues— both from a medical perspective and a personal one. Exit 101 is compiled from interviews and research, our personal journey through this delicate subject matter, and original pieces created in collaboration with community participants. The provocative evening will be followed by a moderated discussion.

JUNE 26 & 27, 2012


An Ongoing Artistic Collaboration between the US and Kosovo

Initiated by American artist Meghan Frank, Hinterlands Co-Artistic Director Richard Newman, and Kosovar artist Kushtrim Hoxha in 2008, the trio created the The Sleeper's Bell, a performance based on One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez and gave workshops to university students, artists, and Roma youth in Kosovo and Macedonia.

In 2010, The Hinterlands and a team of Kosovar and American artists, comprised of Richard Newman and Liza Beilby Eleni Zaharopoulou, Kushtrim Hoxha, Kushtrim Qerimi, and Zana Krasniqi-Hoxha, with support from CEC Artslink, partnered with Kosovo-based Artpolis, Urban Theater, and Balkan Sunflowers. They created an ensemble-devised touring performance with Albanian, Serbian, Roma, and Ashkali teens – the first inter-ethnic performance project of its kind in Kosovo.